Shri Danammadevi History

During the 12th century once Maharshi Naradmuni went to heavenly kailasa and prayed Shiva Parvati, That there is a need to spread of religion and for human beings aware of religion. Then Parameshwar asked Parvati to go on bhooloka (earth), then she replied “without you I can’t go to Parvati asked for parameshwari’s company. Then I will attend you for your satisfaction”. Then after discussion, both arrived to bhooloka. There lived a religious pair Shirsamma and Anantaraya in village, Umarani Tal. Jath. After marriage for long period, they had not got any child, for the purpose.

They prayed god, shri Mallayya. Soulfully and offred puja. As a result their prayer frutified and mother Paravati with blessings of Shiva took birth at Shirasamma and Anantarya as girl baby in the form of Danammadevi. As traditional religious process after the birth, they gave the ling diksha to the baby and named her as Lingamma. However she grew up with the permission of parents she left the home for spreading the religion.(propagation). She went on to different places of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh making the peoples aware of religion and its values by the magic power of God. Then she attended shri Basaveshwar Kalyan Mantap. While she took tapasya under coconut tree and in banana garden. The trees bent at the front of parvati in the form of Danamma.

The Gardener observed it and brought Naivendya as Prasad. That naivedya Prasad was donated among thousands of people unendingly like wise when she donated Karaki(grass) which becomes Gold and Diamond and Pearls too. When Basaveshwar heard about Lingamma. They invited to Kalyan Mantap respectively to representative in presence of honorable Kalyan Mantap. They named lingamma as ‘’Danashoor Danamma’’ by Basaveshwar himself. From that day onwards, Lingamma identified as Shri ‘DANAMMA’. Shri Danamma continued her valuable work, donated work as usual.

She took permission of their parents and made arrangements of 555 pairs free marriage alongwith her in Sangateerth Tal. Jath. That was very grateful and memorable function celebrated in Danamma’s history. After some days, couple continued their good work and Japa-Tapa and then they got AIKYA in pre-determined place.

This place is now famous as shri Guddapur Danammadevi Temple & Shrikshetra. It has become a place of worship for thousands of people and Devotees worship here with complete shraddha. Their wish as will come truthful.